yellow high waisted couture swim suit
yellow high waisted couture swim suit
green high waist bikini
green high waist bikini
wine handmade swimsuit
wine handmade bikini
teal handmade swimsuit
teal high waist swimsuit

the TOP colours

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I designed this top to be flattering, sensual and functional. The front comes down to a V and is accented with a line of textured ruching in the centre. The sides are wider to not only flatter the breasts, but allow for optimal circulation in the breast area by not cutting off with tight elastic or wire. You have the option of tying the straps in a criss-cross (as shown in the photos) or straight down and then across to tie at the back. The back has loops where the straps thread through and is adjustable in fit.
The top has been sewn with a double layer of the same fabric, to act as a liner. This will allow your top to not be see through while wet, gives it extra durability and looks great.

92% Polyester 8% Spandex

We have carefully chosen the fabric for this design. We prefer to use natural fibres for our clothing; however when it comes to swim wear, we want your bathing suit to have swim wear qualities that natural fibres just don’t offer.

A process called ChitoSante has been used and is an environmentally friendly treatment that is made from a natural biomass called Chitosan; which is made from crab and/or shrimp shells. ChitoSante is the only anti-bacterial bio-agent in the world that is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

- Absorbant
- Breathable
- Durable
- Fast drying
- Soft


Bust: 26" - 32"

Bust: 32" - 40"

Bust: 38" - 44"